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Why Travel Insurance?

Good quality travel insurance can protect vacationers financially from many unexpected circumstances that are simply outside their control.

We can recommend the "InsureMyTrip" website because it allows you to compare travel insurance features and costs from more than two dozen different travel insurance vendors in just a few minutes.  To give "InsureMyTrip" a try, simply click on this link immediately below ...


An Interrupted Vacation

On the second day of their 14-day villa rental, a couple and their children received a message that the husband's mother was seriously ill.  The family called the travel insurance provider's "Hotline" for help.  They were assisted in purchasing airline tickets to return home.  (Their original tickets were highly restrictive, so their return dates could not be changed without penalty.)  The insurance provider paid the extra airfare plus the value of the remainder of the vacation trip that they could not use.

Inclement Weather

Another family was forced to evacuate their vacation rental several days before they were originally scheduled to leave due to the approach of a hurricane (though in this instance not on St. John).  The travel insurance company reimbursed them not only for the value of the vacation accommodations they could not make use of, but also for the costs of hotel, meals, and other expenses related to leaving their vacation spot and returning home.

A Canceled Vacation

A family's three-year-old daughter developed an ear infection just two days before their vacation was to begin. The family had to cancel their trip, so they lost all of the money they had spent to reserve their accommodations. Their entire claim was paid by the travel insurance provider.

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