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Renting a Car


Renting a Car

It is easy to rent a car for all or part of your stay on St. John.  Most conveniently, you may reserve a vehicle on the Westin Resort itself.  Just call (340) 693-8000 and tell the operator that you would like to talk to someone about renting a car.

Also, at least three of the St. Thomas car rental agencies maintain rental desks in the baggage claim area of the St. Thomas airport: Hertz, Avis, and Budget.  But regardless of which agency you use, be sure to inquire if that agency will allow you to take their vehicle off of the island of St. Thomas;  not all of them will (such as Hertz, for example).

Where to Pick Up Your Rental Vehicle

All of the agencies will provide you with a map showing you how to get to the Red Hook vehicle barge dock.  The vehicle barge trip to St. John takes about 35 minutes, and once there it is a one mile drive to the Westin Resort.

Finally, it is very important that the vehicle you request has four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Even though almost all the roads on St. John are paved, it is still the case that there are places where these roads are quite steep which can be a problem, especially during or after a brief rain (Heaven forbid!).

And remember, we do drive on the LEFT side of the road here on St. John, and the speed limit is 20 mph.  Just take your time, and you'll do fine.

Oh, and we do advise you to make your car rental reservations as early as possible, especially if you are visiting us during the winter and early spring months.

We rent villas (condominiums) that are located on the Westin St. John Resort, the most popular resort on the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. 
These are time-share condominiums, and we have almost 300 of them in our rental inventory each year, more than anyone else.

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