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Concierge Service

We invite you to make use of our St. John Condos Concierge Service -- Miss Noelle at (530) 623-2509.


We can arrange on your behalf -- at no extra charge to you -- lots of different fun activities for your family while you are here on St. John.

Free Concierge Service...

Noelle Roget

Noelle Roget

Cell: 530-623-2509

Boating experiences are the most popular ...


  • Trips for snorkeling, sightseeing, deep-sea fishing, and SCUBA.  (There are more than 30 SCUBA dive sites within a 15 minute boat ride.)
  • Full-day, half-day, or sunset sails
  • Sunset dinner sails
  • Power boats, single hull or catamaran sailboats, even WaveRunner and dinghy rentals
  • Group sizes from one up to 32 persons
  • Snorkeling to places you just can't visit any other way
  • Trips to the British Virgin Islands to explore "the Baths" or snorkel near "the Caves" and "the Indians" off Norman Island
  • Glass bottom boat reef tours


Other fun activities that we can arrange for you include ...


  • Guided sea kayak tours of St. John (single or tandem kayaks)
  • Guided hikes in the US National Park on St. John
  • Reservations at any of St. John's restaurants

Beach Chairs and Coolers

Incidentally, we do rent beach chairs and/or coolers.  There is no need for these items when you're making use of the Westin Resort beach.  But if you visit the beautiful National Park beaches, they can come in handy.


We have two types of coolers: One is soft-sided and is outfitted with a shoulder strap.  The other cooler is hard-sided and can be pulled along on its wheels using its long handle.  (It may also be lifted by its handles at the ends.)  It has about double the capacity of the soft-sided cooler.  The soft-sided cooler rents for $1/day while the larger cooler is $2/day.


The Beach chairs are also of two types.  In the first type, one sits upright in a canvas camping-style chair that has arm rests and a cup holder.  They fold up easily and fit in a shoulder-strap bag that is easy to carry.  This style is more appropriate when you are traveling to a beach in one of St. John's open-air taxis.  The other chair type sits lower to the ground, has a reclining back, and also has arm rests.  The rental fee for either type of chair is $3/day.


We deliver coolers and chairs to your villa and then pick them up later at no additional charge.


If you would like to rent any of these items, please let us know, and we will set aside those that you need for whatever dates of your stay you would like to specify.


The Westin St. John Resort has a grocery shopping service.  You may order enough groceries to get you through the first night or for your entire stay.  They do charge for this service, but it is reasonable -- typically 10% plus $3.00 delivery charge.  They deliver these to you right after you arrive.  It is a good idea to send them your list a week or two ahead of time, just in case other Westin guests are going to request groceries.  (They can accommodate just so many shopping orders on the same day.)


If you wish to utilize this service, contact the Westin St. John Resort at:

(340) 693-8000

Travel Insurance

Sometimes it makes sense to consider travel insurance, especially when traveling outside of the United States proper.  One of our web pages discusses travel insurance and the ways in which it can help.  To see it, please click here ...


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